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How does bail work?

It first begins with trust; a circle of trust between all parties. This is the same way trust works in all relationships. From the initial phone call to the final exoneration of the bond, trust must be established, kept, and most of all not broken. However, a bail bond is also a big risk. The real risk comes from the large amounts of collateral that are put up for posting a new bail for the person that was arrested or detained. With the possibility they do not show up to court, we take a big risk. We are willing to take all the risk to get you out of jail and back home to your family.

Bail Process Chart

What are bail bonds and how do they work?

Ur Bondsman Bail bonds are legally bound instruments that are recognized by the courts. They are used to obtain the release of an individual that has been arrested or are in custody in Texas. Bail bonds work when the trust to risk ratio formula remains in line.

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