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Financing Your Bail Bond

We know that it's stressful when you're called upon to bail someone out of jail. Learning that an individual you care about has been arrested will usually leave you feeling uneasy and many times even fearful. Luckily we're here to help you. We'll make the bail bonding process as easy as possible. We'll be there to guide you, so you won't have to be in this situation alone. One way we help our clients by allowing them to obtain a bond with as little as 1% - 10% down. We setup payment plans to help you handle the bond balance.




Using Your Own Money For Bail

If you already have the cash to cover the entire amount of the court ordered bond and you'd like to undergo the bail process yourself, you must remember that the bail amount will only be returned to you after the entire court process ends. In addition, any court fees and fines will be taken from the money you provided for bail.

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