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Donna Cheryl Gillem began working in the bail industry in 2000. She worked her way from a posting agent through all phases of the business and now she owns two bond companies. She is a member of The Professional Bondsmen of Wichita County and also the Professional Bondsmen of Texas. She enjoys helping people and found her niche in bail bonds.
Cheryl Donna Musick has a background in bookkeeping and has been in the bail industry since 2007. She is learning bail from the ground up. She still continues in the bookkeeping industry also with our sister company The Bookkeepers.


What we do for you.

We do ticket bonds, misdemeanor and felony bonds. We do bonds in Archer, Clay, or Montague counties in addition to Wichita County. We do collateral bonds, we take credit cards, checks and cash. We also except wire transfers. We do collateral bonds also. We provide warrant information to help our clients who want to turn themselves in and bond out, eliminating the fear and helping the client and the county. We offer “walk-throughs” to our clients with warrants, making appointments with the judges office for them to be seen and take care of their warrants. We will pick up payments, and take credit card payments by phone.


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